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Weston County is your Best Bet

Weston County is your Best Bet

Avoid the construction and congestion of the eastern Black Hills

There’s an old saying in Wyoming that each year consists of two seasons – winter
and road construction. However, this year, and the next three years, that’s a good thing
for Weston County and the communities of Newcastle and Upton.

One of the Black Hills main arteries, Highway 385 that connects the southern hills
directly with the northern hills, is undergoing heavy construction over the next three
years. This means one of the best ways to get from the communities of Custer and Hot
Springs to Deadwood is via Highway 16 and Highway 85.

Black Hills National Forest

Here our top 5 reason you should head through Weston County the next three summers:

  • Scenic Drive – Both Highway 16 west and Highway 85 northern are beautiful
    drives and allows travelers to experience picturesque views of the Black Hills
  • Less Congestion – This route will be far less congested than the eastern route
    through Rapid City.
  • Still Quick – Though you can go at your own pace, getting from Custer to
    Deadwood will still only take just over an hour and a half.
  • Explore More – One of the big benefits of less congestion is you get to explore
    more, enjoy the view more, not have to worry about bumper to bumper traffic.
  • Avoid the Beaten Path – Would you rather be stuck in traffic or enjoying the
    trail, the views, the beautiful landscape and all the sites and sounds that Weston
    County has to offer? We thought so.

Avoid the hassle, avoid the mess, avoid the traffic and spend your relaxing time in Wide
Open Weston.

Be sure to plan your trip today and we’ll see you this summer in Weston County!

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