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Miss the Road Construction this Summer in Weston County

Miss the Road Construction this Summer in Weston County

Summertime in Northeast Wyoming brings a lot of seasonal opportunities to the region. From the tourist season in the Black Hills to numerous events, summer is a fun time in Weston County. 

One thing that isn’t fun however during the summer, is road construction, and Northeast Wyoming is experiencing a lot of it. One place that isn’t experiencing road construction this summer? Weston County. Why have your travel trip slowed down by road construction when you can take the more scenic route on your drive to or from the Black Hills.

You read that right! No road construction! US Hwy 16 takes you through Weston County and all the way through the Black Hills, with no setbacks from the road construction this summer, meaning you can drive and peace through the heart of the Black Hills. 

The road that takes you to the ‘Gateway of the Black Hills’, US Hwy 16 gets you up close to everything that matters. Start in Upton or Newcastle, and explore the beauty that is Northeast Wyoming. 

By traveling on Hwy 16 instead of the interstate, you get a real taste of everything the area has to offer. The scenic route takes you through Weston County to Custer State Park, Jewell Cave, Mount Rushmore, Crazy Horse, and so many more historic landmarks. 

Finally, are you wanting to take a picture next to the Wyoming or South Dakota signs? Take Hwy 16 if you are wanting to take a picture as they are the only signs that are up in the area. Make sure to take this route on your trip to see not only the beautiful scenery, but see the welcome signs as well!

With all of these opportunities waiting on US Hwy 16, skip the road construction today and take the route less traveled, and I can promise you, you won’t be disappointed!

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