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Red Onion Museum

Red Onion Museum

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729 Birch Street Upton, WY Phone: 307-468-2672 Email: [email protected]
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Friday 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM year ’round or by appointment

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Exhibits depict the early settlers’ lives in the region. Also on display are Indian artifacts. Free. The mission of the Red Onion Museum is to preserve history and educate about the history of Upton, Weston County and the State of Wyoming. Walter K. “Jarbo” Poulson brought fame to the name “Red Onion,” at least in the Upton Community, when he opened the “Red Onion Saloon,” which operated for several years prior to Prohibition. When Prohibition resulted in the closure of the Red Onion Saloon, Poulson simply moved his business to the barn at his “Red Onion Ranch.” As the community organized the Red Onion Museum in 1996, the historic name was again put to use. 

The Red Onion Museum has many different artifacts that have been collected over the years. The artifacts and collections at the museum put visitors in touch with life styles and ways of life from previous years in Upton. At the Red Onion Museum, you can find numerous items, such as an original switchboard that was brought in when telephones were introduced in Upton.

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