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Grazers Restaurant

Grazers Restaurant

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22918 Highway 85 Newcastle, WY Phone: 307-746-2255
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In 2015 our founder had a vision to recreate fast food. He did just that. Grazer’s prides itself on fresh, never frozen burgers that are made right in front of our customers always fast and fresh we promise.

Our goal is to provide a fast and delicious meal experience for busy people just like you. Sink your teeth into Grazer’s fresh, never frozen burgers and add on a side of homemade french fries or chips made from real potatoes. Dress your sandwich up with all the fixings and pile all of your favorite extras on top. 

Pair our mouth-watering burgers with one (or more!) of the 12 beers the restaurant always has on tap. Soon you’ll be able to take a piece of us home with you, and we don’t mean a to-go order. Our “I Grazed at Grazer’s” t-shirts are the perfect souvenir for any hungry traveler.

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