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Four New Year’s Resolutions to Aspire to in Weston County

Four New Year’s Resolutions to Aspire to in Weston County

As we look back on 2023 and look ahead to 2024, we start the year anew with the hope and promise of a fresh start. It just so happens that January is the month of resolutions, whether you’re looking to embark on a journey to healthier habits, learn a new skill or trade or cross a few items off your bucket list, the possibilities are endless. 

We here in Weston County have come up with a few ideas that may be fun as you try to come up with this year’s resolution. 

Here’s our Top 4 Resolution Ideas to do in Weston County  in 2024:

The Trails Are Calling


Learning something new can be intimidating, but 2024 is finally your year to master snowmobiling! From grasping the basics of throttle control and braking, to turning, to gaining confidence on off-trail riding, the learning curve is both challenging and immensely rewarding. Weston County is on the western side of the Black Hills that offers several hundred miles of groomed trails in addition to tens of thousands of off-trail acres. 

Howdy Pardner

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Want to play cowboy? What better place than the towns in western Wyoming?. Start by getting the proper get up in any of our western clothing boutiques. Get boots, jeans, a button up and of course, a hat. Be sure to take in some cowboy history at the Anna Miller Museum which features the Jenney Stockade Cabin, oldest remaining building from the Black Hills gold rush. Finally, take in one of the county’s amazing rodeos each summer. 

Swing into the Action

What’s been described as the funnest, most frustrating game in history, is a must try for all. That’s right, learn to play golf at the Newcastle Country Club. If you’ve never played before, there’s no better time to learn than now. Find a friend, or better yet, a golf coach to show you the ropes, improve your swing and teach you the proper rules. We promise, you’ll be hooked. 

Are you the next Davy Crocket?

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Think you’re a crack shot? An expert tracker? Love the taste of game? Hunting might be your thing. Eastern Wyoming offers a variety of hunting seasons with different types of game, big and small. Whether you’re looking to to create lasting life-long memories with family or friends, or simply the thrill of the hunt, hunting can be truly addicting. 

If you’re ready to embrace something new in 2024, there’s no better place to do it than Weston County. Be sure to book your next adventure today.

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